Meet me in the fucking pit

— James from James and the Giant Peach at one point probably

Soo at New York Fashion Week A/W14


everyone talking shit about sulli meet me @ the pit


I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my favorite heroine, Sailor Moon, in her flawless Eternal Sailor Moon transformation in a magazine editorial. The Japanese anime was featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine October 2013 alongside part Japanese part Belgian model, Yumi Lambert. The editorial was photographed by photographed by Elena Rendina. If you haven’t caught up on some episodes since the early 2000’s, I recommend watching the series in Japanese. It was a very cute manga and Usagi will have you laughing for days. Watch her transform into the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon who fights for love and justice.Oshiokiyo!

I gave into peer pressure from my friends….

I started watching Game of Thrones and I can’t stop (ง •̀ _ •́)ง